Why Did My Air Conditioner Stop Working?

Summers in Bowling Green can be tough, especially when it’s a hot summer day and you have to deal with a broken AC. This can be exceptionally frustrating when it occurs, and waiting for repairs makes it all the tougher. 

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Common Causes of AC Breakdown

When your air conditioner stops working, there can be many issues to look for to get it resolved. You can further save yourself the hassle and costs of a service call by checking the basics first. 

1. Dirty Air Filter

Clogged air filters make the airflow severely reduced. All the dirt it could be collecting can be making its way into the system, damaging it more. Over time, these dirty components can break down and need to be replaced. 

2. Dirty Fans

Two major fans contribute to working toward distributing hot and cool air properly. There will be a problem if one of them stops working. They will stop working if there is excessive dust and dirt on the fan blades. The additional weight on the fan will put extra strain on the motor, causing it to burn out easily. 

3. Leaking Refrigerant

ACs are always charged with the said amount of refrigerant. If installed correctly first time, your AC will work perfectly without any issues with refrigerant. But once your system starts leaking Refrigerant, the perfectly tuned system will suffer, and it will be difficult for AC to meet the demands of the thermostat. Not only can leaking refrigerant cause damage to the system, but it will also increase your monthly utility bills. 

What to Expect in an Air-Con Repair?

Air conditioning repair services make sure that your AC is trouble-free and is working properly. It helps deal with water leakage, noises, bad odours and much more. 

1. Air Conditioning Cleaning and Check-Up

Dirty air filter causes problems such as ice formation. During AC repair and service, our professionals will wash and clean the air filter. The condenser fins are rinsed and cleaned for moulds and dust build-up during AC service. 

2. Cleaning the Evaporator and Condenser Fan

Our HVAC pros look for damage to the evaporator and fans during AC repair. Dust and dirt are the system’s core enemies, and you should exercise due care to clean the system properly.

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3. Checking Coolant Level

When the coolant level is less than needed, the cooling coil temperature drops much below normal, and the system stops functioning. The technician checks if the refrigerant level is just the right level during AC service.

Our AC maintenance Includes:

  • Regular tune-ups
  • Regular inspections
  • Check Insulation work
  • Check thermostat and repairs

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