AC Replacement In Bowling Green, KY

AC Replacement in Bowling Green, Russellville, Franklin, and Surrounding Areas

AC Replacement in Bowling Green, Russellville, Franklin, and Surrounding Areas | Premier Heating and CoolingSummers in Bowling Green, KY, can be quite hot and muggy, and you can be sure you will need your air conditioner in perfect condition. As you anticipate the hot weather, it is essential for you to check for obvious signs to determine whether you need to replace your AC. Premier Heating and Cooling provides affordable AC Replacement in Bowling Green, Russellville, Franklin, and surrounding areas. Here are common warning signs to look out for;

Moisture buildup and leakage

All air conditioners leak, but too much leakage could signal a problem with the refrigerant. Besides damaging your floor and furniture, leakages may pose health problems to your family. It is imperative to alert a professional to assess the damage and advice you on the way forward.

Lack of cool air and limited airflow

If your air conditioner is not blowing cool air after turning it on, you can be sure there is something wrong with it. In most cases, the problem results from clogs in the piping and ductwork, and the only way you can resolve it is to consult a professional. If the damages are extensive, you might have to replace the whole unit for guaranteed efficiency.

Unusual sounds

The presence of unusual rattling and squeaking sounds should alert you that your air conditioner is not in good condition. Here you need a technician to assess whether the problem is due to broken motor bearings, a belt slipping out or related problems. Depending on the extent of the damage, you might have to replace your air conditioner altogether.

High energy bills

A sudden change in your energy bills could most likely be traced right to your AC. When an air conditioner is not working properly, it uses more energy to get the job done. As such, your monthly bills could increase by a considerable percentage. In such a case, seek the help of a professional to decide whether it needs repairs or a replacement.

No doubt, you need optimum comfort during the hot months, and the condition of your AC will determine how comfortable you are going to be. If you are a resident of Bowling Green and are experiencing issues with your air conditioner, contact us at Premier Heating and Cooling for professional AC repair or maintenance services.

Let’s get started on your AC Replacement project. Call Premier Heating and Cooling or fill out our online form and one of our specialists will get back with you right away.  We appreciate the opportunity to earn a 5-star review!

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