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Heating Service in Bowling Green, Russellville, Franklin, KY and Surrounding Areas

Furnace Service in Bowling Green, Russellville, Franklin, KY and Surrounding Areas | Premier Heating and CoolingIf you have a Heater that needs urgent repair or you are interested in switching from your beaten Heater to a new heating system, look no further than the experts in Bowling Green, KY at Premier Heating & Cooling. We boast years of experience offering exceptional Heater service in Bowling Green, Russellville, Franklin, KY and surrounding areas – with your comfort needs being our #1 priority.We service almost every brand of Heaters with the best technicians in Kentucky.

Customers love our total dependability and proven track record of ALWAYS delivering quality in EVERY job.

Heating Installation & Replacement Kentucky

When you replace your heater, you only have ONE chance to nail it. It’s crucial for your home’s comfort needs to get the right size heating system and to have it installed in the highest possible standards. You’ll avoid the hassle of early replacement with regular heater maintenance and any additional servicing costs. With Premier Heating & Cooling, installation and replacement is pocket-friendly, and you won’t have to break a sweat.

Same-Day Heater Repair Services

Our team of certified technicians provide numerous heating and Heater services to keep your unit run effectively and efficiently. It’s our ultimate goal to keep your home toasty all winter. We know that Bowling Green and the surrounding areas may get freezing-cold come winter. Therefore, it’s worth it to have a durable heating unit in your home.

“Whether the issue is a worn-out thermostat or a faulty thermocouple, we are available round-the-clock.”

“Whenever you need us, day or night, our experts are on standby to isolate the problem and correct it promptly.”

4 Things to Check When Your Heating System is Malfunctioning
  • Circuit Breaker – Your heater’s circuit may have slipped. Identify it on your home’s electrical panel and reset if it’s at the center
  • Heater Filter – A jammed filter can not only cause your heater to turn off as safeguard but also to overheat. It can also result in a blocked filter that may not disseminate heat as required.
  • Thermostat Settings – Ensure it’s switched to “heat” mode. Or else it won’t alert your system to start heating.
  • Heater Switch – Your heater has a switch near or on it that appears like a typical light switch. Make sure it is in the “on” or “up” position. If it is turned off, give your heating system a few minutes to restart.

Heating System Maintenance/Tune-ups in Bowling Green, KY

When you don’t perform regular heater maintenance, you’ll probably incur an expensive heater repair you didn’t see coming. The ideal way to avoid badly-timed breakdowns and unpleasant gases in your home is to schedule annual heater tune-ups. Your system will serve you a lifetime with regular heater maintenance, and you’ll be protected from dangerous gases that may pose a significant health hazard.

Schedule heater Service in Bowling Green, KY

Premier Heating & Cooling has over five years of experience providing homeowners throughout Bowling Green with heater maintenance and repair services. Our trained and accredited technicians are quick, efficient, and respectful of your home during the full-range inspection of your heater. You can depend on us to be the best in the area for every one of your heating service requirements.

Contact us to schedule your maintenance appointment in Bowling Green, Kentucky today!

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