What Is The Main Reason Behind The Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air?

Heat pumps keep your home comfortable and cozy during winters. They are durable, dependable, and cost-effective solutions available today. However, as a unique system, sometimes they cause problems like blowing cold air. Your heat pump could be doing this due to a minor, easy-to-repair issue. Minor issues can be solved by troubleshooting the device, but some issues may need the assistance of a professional.

Cold air coming out from your heat pump is a common problem, which can become serious if not fixed properly. Here are five common reasons for heat pumps blowing cold air in the winter.

The Heat Pump is in Defrost Mode.

A heat pump condenses exterior air until it is hot enough to keep everybody at home comfortable during the cold months. The heat pump enters defrost mode if ice accumulates on the outdoor unit. This involves switching the system to a cooling state for a short time. Then, the heat from your home’s air is sent to the outdoor device to melt the ice.

Ice formations are uncommon, but they can occur if the outdoor unit is clogged with damp leaves, soggy debris, or other impurities. You can avoid this problem by keeping the surrounding system clean.

Dirty Filters

A blocked HVAC filter forces unfiltered incoming air into the heat pump system. Dust, dirt, and other impurities can accumulate on parts, causing the system to malfunction. Condenser and evaporator coils are sensitive to damage because they release or absorb heat. Replace the filter when it appears dirty to keep your heat pump running smoothly.

Low Refrigerant Charge

Heat pumps, just like air conditioners, rely on an actual refrigerant charge to work efficiently. A low charge could cause cold air blowing if the system is leaky or set up wrong during heat pump installation. To recharge the system, you will need the assistance of a technician.

Lack of Maintenance

Because heat pumps are used all year, you should have them serviced yearly. A lack of preventative maintenance could result in less efficiency and a higher risk of failure. If you haven’t maintained and serviced your HVAC system regularly so far, you might have to consider searching for a heat pump installation near me.

Compressor Failure 

A compressor extracts heat from refrigerants to keep your home warm in the winter. The reversing valve is also crucial, which allows the equipment to go from cooling to heating mode. If one or both of these components are broken, your heat pump will blow cool air until the problem is rectified.

If simple troubleshooting fails to stop your heat pump from spewing chilly air, you will have to search for professional assistance to get your home comfortable again. However, if you are searching for ‘heating contractors near me,’ then Premier Heating and Cooling are here to cater to all your needs.

We can fix any make and model of heat pump and can suggest heat pump replacement if it is the more cost-effective alternative. Call us today at (270) 904-3715 to schedule a heat pump service.

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