Ways to Know That your Heat Pump Needs Repairs

We depend on our heating system to keep us warm and comfortable in our homes. When a heat pump fails, it doesn’t happen out of anywhere. As usual, there were clear indicators that we may have overlooked or misinterpreted, indicating that the heat pump needed to be repaired or replaced. It’s always a good idea to be aware of the warning indications that our HVAC system is on the verge of failing.

Symptoms That Your Heat Pump Needs Repair Include:

Unexpected Rise in Bills

If your energy bill suddenly skyrockets even though your usage hasn’t changed, you should investigate your heat pump further. It’s sometimes as simple as replacing the air filter to improve airflow and energy efficiency after a significant rise in energy usage. Low refrigerant charge, refrigerant overcharge, or even incorrect installation could be reducing the efficiency of your heat pump.

Poor Airflow

Poor airflow may have anything to do with your ducts in some circumstances. If your ducts are clean, clear, and free of leaks, the issue could be with the heat pump. While you can usually handle dirty air filters, blocked outside units, and dirty coils on your own, a broken blower motor and other more technical issues should be left to the pros, and it’s time to start searching for a heating repair near me.

Strange Noises

If the typical humming sound is interrupted by rattling, flapping, shrieking, or other strange noises, it could be a symptom of a problem. A rattling or flapping noise might be generated by loose fan belts, whereas screeching is frequently caused by a poorly maintained central air fan motor. If your refrigerant is leaking, you can hear a bubbling sound. If you notice any new noises, it’s best to be safe and call your HVAC specialist or heat pump installation near me to investigate.

Unusual Scent

If the air coming out of your heat pump scent odd, you should call for help right once. Musty or rotten odors cause concern because they could indicate mold growth or an animal entering your unit. It would be best to address any burning smell quickly because of the possibility of a fire. If you smell burning to emanate from your unit, turn it off right away and don’t switch it back on until an HVAC specialist has looked it over and rectified any issues.

Cold Home 

Something isn’t correct if your heat pump is working full blast with a consistent airflow and your home is still cold. The issue could be with the fan or fan motor, or it could be with the thermostat. It’s also conceivable that the electronic control board or printed circuit board assembly in your heat pump is faulty. It’s also possible that the thermistor, which tells the main control board whether to turn the compressor on or off, is failing.

Follow the ways mentioned above to know that your heat pump needs repairs. Schedule an appointment with Premier Heating and Cooling by calling today at 270-904-3715 or drop an email at [email protected].


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