5 Ways to Increase Your AC’s Efficiency and Save Money

With summers hovering over, you must have gotten your air-conditioners geared up to tackle the sultry heat. But as you did that, were you anxious about your power consumption escalating to an unbelievable rate?

Your anxiety is justified, as your AC system accounts for around 12% of your total annual home energy consumption and even over 60% during the hotter summer days. A few simple techniques can help you save your money, comfort, and environment at the same time.

5 things to do to increase your AC’s efficiency and save money


You might just be contributing to your own raised bills with this impetuous purchase. Manufacturing of products translates to a lot of industrial work. You need to optimize your air conditioning system and not change it altogether to ensure power saving. 

Before looking for help by searching for the best air conditioner repair near me. Here are other ways you can try:

  • Use blinds and drapes

Let me take you to high school science. Do you remember the principle of the greenhouse effect? Your window panes also provide a similar greenhouse passage to the sunrays. Using blinds and curtains, you can impede their intrusion into the room, thereby curbing their heating effect. 

  • Clean the condenser units

Surface cleaning of the condenser unit can ensure good efficiency to your AC system. However, a more in-depth cleaning should be left to professionals as they are more informed about the know-hows and fragilities of the system. You can find the best air conditioner repair near me here.

  • Locate and mend all leaks in your room

HighSchool science shall help us here again. Cold air is denser than warm air, and it tends to linger near the ground more. Spaces under the doors or cracks along the window frames may help the cold air sneak out. The room, as a result, would never have sufficient coolness, and the AC might lose its efficiency. Now you know who the little culprits are behind your exorbitant bills are!

  • Vacuum the air filters and vents

Make it a weekly practice to clean filters and vents. With so much pollution around, it is obvious that your air filters will need cleaning periodically. Clean air filters and vents facilitate easy airflow and thereby maximum efficiency rates.

  • Protect your AC from the sun

The sun can get brutal in summer. With its own raised temperature, the outside condenser or even the body might struggle to cool your room. This could pose a serious threat to its efficiency. Shade it with a proper structure or material to protect its parts. Remember, a healthy body can only function normally!

These simple tips can manage your energy expenditure or a simple search for AC repair in Bowling Green, KY, should also do it for you. The more efficient your system is, the lesser figures you shall find on your monthly power bills.

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